FOTON 254/3000 Series 4wd Tractor


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Features for Foton 2500 & 3000 series (28hp) 2wd and 4wd are

At home in gardens, paddocks and equestrian yards alike, the 2500 series is compact, agile and versatile. Available both 2 and 4 wheel drive, the 2500 series is the perfect size for the smallest of tasks, whilst having enough power to tackle any job that demands a durable, compact tractor.

Standard Features

  • Latest second generation "Easy Start" All Weather start Direct Injection Diesel Engines
  • The 1690cc direct injection diesel engines fitted boast both reliability and environmental friendliness. large torque outputs are highest in class and offer very low fuel consumption.
  • 10 speed Transmissions give Traction throughout the range of implement requirements.
  • High and low speed ratios selector as standard.
  • Selectable 4 Wheel and 2 wheel Drive as standard
  • 4 Wheel Drive can be easily selectable by a conveniently located lever.
  • Twin Speed PTO (540/1000rpm) selection lever easily operated from seat.
  • The twin speed PTO allows the tractor to operate at either 540 or 1000 rpm to meet every implement requirement.
  • 3 Point Linkage (Cat 1) fits all known category one linkage impliments made.
  • With an adjustable 3 point linkage complete with multiple position stabilisers, the attachment of implements is made easier.
  • Power Steering is finger responsive and incredibly easy to use.
  • Make easy work of turning the tractor with power steering at any speed.
  • Twin Live Drive Clutch for impliment run up operation before setting off forwards or backwards.
  • With the twin position live drive clutch, both the drive and the PTO transmissions are quickly and easily selectable.
  • 5 Hydraulic Spool Valves options
  • The rear mounted spool valves allow the fitting of a choice of implements and attachments from tipping trailers to Front end loaders and back hoes.
  • Roll Over Protection System (foldable for small or restricted headroom areas.)
  • HSE amd Fully EU Certified folding roll over protection system for essential safety. Comfortable seat and seatbelt also fitted as standard. ROAD REGISTRATION is available for all models (optional)
  • Option of Agricultural or Turf Tyres
  • Choose between agricultural or turf tyres depending on your intended usage.
  • European Vehicle Type Approval as standard and can be registered and used anywhere in the EU .
  • Hydraulics Total Pump Flow 27 litres/minute Max. Hydraulic Working Pressure 18.5 Mpa Max No. of Spool Valves x 5
  • 3 Point Linkage Standard Category Cat. 1 Lift Capacity 4.1 Kn Control Type Position
  • Brakes and Clutch Brakes Dry disc Clutch Dry, dual stage

FOTON 254/3000 Series 4wd Tractor

This is our fully loaded version with both single acting and double acting hyd. outlets for all implement variations and also front loader ready. Top Tractor fitted with many extras including full double weight sets. Next generation engines and finger responsive Power steering.