Ride-on Mower Trailed Salt/Grit Spreader Attachment


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Ride-on Mower Trailed Salt/Grit Spreader Attachment.

High Quality Stainless Steel Spreader for all season use.

Looking for a compact, heavy duty wheel driven spreader? Consider the Ride-on Mower Trailed Salt/Grit Spreader Attachment.Simply attach it to the towing hitch on the back of your ride-on mower, fill the hopper with the material you wish to spread and open the discharge adjustment lever from the seat, and drive.With this easy to use spreader attachment you can spread various materials with a fraction of effort and time from the comfort of your own ride-on mower.All direct contact surfaces in the spreader are manufactured from high quality stainless steel.The unique internal hopper agitator keeps the material free flowing without damaging fine seeds. The powder coated chassis finish helps to prolong the life of this great investment. By using these materials it is possible to wash the machine down with high pressure water equipment after use.


Load Capacity 200kg
Hopper volume 100litres
Spreading Width 2-5 metres
Discharge Adjustment 9 positions
Weight 60kg
Wheel size 4.00 x 8 Turf Pattern
Spreadable materials include: Salt, grit, sand, fertilisers,seed, dressings and fine gravel.

Snow chains available on request Warranty: Consumer 2 years Professional 90 days