Mini Walk-In Tack Security Safe


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The Mini Walk-In Security Safe provides an extremely secure tack solution with the very special locking mechanism that is virtually impregnable.The locker has been developed for 10 years and allows eliminated access to similar storage units.

Features of the model

The unit`s door is mounted on two heavy duty hinges with a unique anti-theft system; the unit cannot be accessed by removing the hinges. The base is supported on four pallet feet.

This model is semi-panelled in a 12/18mm exterior hardwood ply, suitably finished with high sheen varnish. The base is made using a “tear drop” pattern mild steel plate that is non-slip. It has four holes drilled to allow further security if required. There is also a unique vandal proof lock that cannot be removed and preventing entry into the unit. The key is fully registered to the owner of the unit and cannot be copied except by the manufacturer. The unit is fully welded along all seams on the outside only and has two removable lifting lugs that allow authorised lifting only.

The safe is fully painted inside and out with one coat of primer and painted externally with one coat of “Hammer Finish” paint in a choice of colours. Please use the drop-down menu above to choose the colour of your unit.


Overall Height 1.76m
Overall Width 0.9m
Overall Depth 0.9m
Door Length 1.66m
Door Width 0.762m
Colour options 8
Saddle Racks 3
Bridle hoops N/A
Weight fitted approx. N/A

About the Walk-In Tack Security Safe range

The need for a robust, high security walk in unit has become increasingly necessary with thefts of tack equipment, estimated to be in excess of £3 million in 2012. Most of these thefts have taken place from already secure yards, however, access through doors, windows and ceilings allow the thief to enter the property easily, load quickly and exit within minutes with up to £30,000 of tack equipment.

The unit dimensions vary depending on the model. The user can enter the unit through a full length door and gives easy access to storing saddles, bridles, reins, other riding equipment and a shelf if required to store ancillary items.

The floor is pre-drilled with four holes, allowing for further security if necessary, by bolting to the floor.

The unit is fully ventilated and protected by a welded cowling, access to the unit is only allowed by a unique, tamper proof locking system. The key is registered by the manufacturer and cannot be copied without their permission. There is a secondary locking system that allows the unit to be entered if required using a simple snap lock.

The unit can be lifted into place using the detachable lugs or by using pallet tines or forks, alternatively we can deliver using our own hiab transport and place it safely in the required location subject to access.