Haygain HG600


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Haygain HG-600

The HAYGAIN HG-600 accommodates half a small strung bale of hay or up to 15kg of loose hay, haynets or haylage. It is ideal for smaller yards and for use away at competitions. The unit is extremely durable and easy to move around, whether in use at the stables or whilst travelling. The HG-600 is most suitable for owners with 1 to 4 horses.

With latest technological advancements and patented design the HG-600 cycle time from cold is 50 minutes, making the process fast and efficient.

It features the patented steaming method, a five-prong steam manifold which penetrates the hay enabling steam to diffuse outwards through all the hay.

HAYGAIN hay steamers are a range of scientifically-proven hay steamers that produce palatable, dust-free hay, helping maintain a healthy respiratory system to enhance performance. HAYGAIN’s patented steam distribution manifold system ensure even, thorough steaming throughout all of the hay.

Fit for purpose they are designed to be effortless and simple to use; a relief for those suffering with back problems. Savings and benefits beyond your horse's health become evident in potential reductions in vet bills, forage costs, water if you currently soak and potential competition overheads due to inability to perform through coughing or suchlike.

Key Features

  • Accommodates half a bale or equivalent in loose hay or haylage/haynets
  • Double skinned and thermally insulated to reach and maintain the critically high temperatures required
  • Robust construction to withstand the demands of even the busiest of yards
  • Sloping profile makes loading the bale very easy with minimum lifting involved
  • All fittings and fastenings are either brass or stainless steel so do not corrode
  • Weather proof and UV protected
  • HG-PB steam generator, commercially rated 2.9 KW, 7 litre capacity boiler with safety features and quick release steam fittings
  • Steam cycle from cold approximately 50 minutes
  • 1 year warranty

More benefits include

  • Heavy duty wheels for manoeuvrability
  • Adjustable handle for ease of movement
  • Stainless steel latches to secure lid
  • Rebated seal gives optimum steaming performance
  • Spikes of manifold ensure steam penetrates the centre of the hay to evenly diffuse outwards
  • Rounded profile for equine safety
  • Integral thermometer


  • 720mm (L)x 690mm (D) x 700mm (H)