Stock Feeder 350kg/470L


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Stock Feeder 350kg/470L

Our Stock Feeder takes the hassle out of feeding. more bags and no need for troughs. Without it, feeding stock can often mean too much time spent hauling bags of feed around and getting jostled by stock as you try to make it to the trough.

The hopper has a capacity of 350kg allowing you to feed your entire stock in just one fill, saving valuable time. The ground driven Stock Feeder distributes feed in piles 6ft apart and allows you to adjust the feed rations from 1/2kg to 2kg. With feed distributed in spaced out piles, stock stand head-to-head and so there is less trampling and fouling in the feed, meaning less valuable meal is wasted, saving money. When used to feed sheep in lamb, the Stock Feeder helps to save foetal loss in ewes since it does away with the crowding and shoving at the trough and ensures each animal gets a fair chance at the feed.

Attached to an ATV it can be operated while seated allowing the flow rate to be controlled. With off road floatation tyres, the stock feeder is suitable for most ground conditions even when full. The hopper has a galvanised finish to ensure long life and durability. For use in wet weather it also comes with a wooden cover, or optional tarpaulin cover to keep feed dry.

Farmers have found the Stock Feeder extremely useful around farms to transport feed to creep feeders, rearing units and horse boxes. For smaller farms it allows feed to be stored and protected from vermin while still being portable.

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