Mammoth Twin


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Mammoth Twin Classic Wheelbarrow

Probably the finest wheelbarrow chassis ever conceived.

Built like a tank but with finger-tip control of even the heaviest loads.

The twin-wheeled Mammoth is ergonomically perfect.

Twin-wheeled, a Mammoth will balance vertically on the front cow catcher whether for storage or for cleaning, hosing down etc.

Two large 4PR tyres on safety wheels. However, its finest features are is the ease of use and truly amazing lightness, even when loaded. A true Classic!

Braced every which way for the rigidity that guarantees barrows long and useful lives.

Tray in tough high-grade Polypropylene/Polyethylene mix. 400*100 4PR block pattern tyres fitted with pneumatic tubes. Roller bearings. Front and rear tray brace. Solid steel skids.

Capacity 230 ltr

This item can be delivered in approx 2 - 3 weeks from order.