2.8m Aerator - Heavy Duty Split Angle - 3 Blades


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Compaction of grassland is a common problem caused by livestock and heavy machinery which reduces grazing potential. The Aerator blades cut through the compacted layers of soil to open up fissures for better drainage, more efficient use of nutrients and healthier grass.

A worthwhile investment that will last for years, boost your grass yield and reduce your fertiliser expense, improve slurry matter retention and nutrient uptake by roots.

Adjustable split angle rotor

The adjustable split angle rotor enables you to easily adjust the rotors; this means the blades will penetrate and exit at an angle opening up deeper and wider fissures, shattering compacted soil between the aerating slits for improved drainage.

This setting is often used on more compacted areas such as grazing ground where animals have trodden or where machinery has travelled regularly, since harder penetration helps to allow air, water and nutrients to pass down to the roots.


  • Oxygen introduced into soil.
  • Increased root development for better grass growth.
  • Improved Nitrogen fixation for legumes e.g. clover.
  • Increased microbial action for better use of fertiliser - reduce fertiliser bills.
  • Soil recovers quicker after mowing.
  • Surface drainage improved (less rainwater & slurry run off).
  • Less compaction.
  • Less poaching by livestock.


  • Boron Steel Blades – strong & durable.
  • Staggered Blade design.
  • This unique staggered blade arrangement ensures only a small number of blades enter the ground at once, putting fewer loads on your tractor and reducing horse power needed and giving lower fuel costs.
  • Tapered and sloped blade for cleaner slit exit, with less sod lift.
  • Anti-loose blade supports on heavy duty model.
  • Heavy rotor to reduce bending in stony ground.
  • Impressive working depth of 180mm.
  • Can carry up to 750kg – to force blades into highly compacted ground.
  • Rotor Width is 2.8m.
  • HP requirement is 40HP.


Make your time in the field generate better results. More blades mean better drainage thanks to the peaks in the drains created being more continuous for bigger volume fissures. This reduces the troughs which will hold water, leaving more room for air.

The rotor can be customised with extra blades, please use the drop down box above to specify the amount of blades you require. We offer options of 3, 4 and 5 blades.

The type of soil will indicate which blade number you require,

  • For sandy soil (3 Blades)
  • For heavy soil (4 Blades)
  • For heavy poached soil (5 Blades)