RotoBurier M Stone Burier - 110M


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The RotoBurier is designed for use as a finishing machine on any area where a fine and level seedbed is required. For example, creating green areas around new housing/industrial developments and constructing golf courses and playing fields.The RotoBurier has been on the market for over 15 years and is well proven to stand up to hard use by commercial users.

  • Buries stones and debris to a maximum depth of 150mm leaving fine soil on the surface.
  • Mechanical side shift.
  • Replaceable inner skin over rotor.
  • Mesh rear roller with cable scraper (Packer Roller option).
  • Easy access to blades by removing rear cover and seive.
  • Slip clutch on pto shaft.
  • Folding rear roller assists when loading tractor and RotoBurier onto a tailgate trailer for transport.
  • High number of specially designed blades gives optimum performance.
  • Adjustable rear levelling board.
  • Slip clutch on PTO shaft.

Optional Extras

  • Hydraulic Top Link
  • Packer Roller


Model Working Width Overall Width Weight Kg HP Required
110m 1.1m 43" 1.37m 54" 320 20-30
126m 1.26m 49" 1.5m 59" 400 24-40
140m 1.4m 56" 1.66m 65" 450 30-50
170m 1.66m 65" 1.93m 76" 490 38-60

Weights are with mesh roller. Packer roller adds approximately 45kg.

Video demonstration