1200L Highway Tow Trailer Watering Unit - 12V - 19L/m


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1200L Highway Tow Trailer Watering Unit - 12V - 19L/m

Our 1200 litre Towable Plant Watering Bowser is manufactured from UV stabilised, rotationally moulded, medium density polyethylene giving a robust tank specifically designed for the carriage non-potable water. The towable bowser is a complete all-in-one water delivery system.

It has been designed for the compliant, safe transportation and remote supply of water.

The 1200 litre (264 gallon) Towable Water Bowser has been designed for the compliant, safe transportation and remote supply of water. The tank is constructed from UV stabilised, food grade polyethylene giving a robust storage tank specifically designed for the purpose. This bowser can be modified with options of various pumps and other add ons including engine driven pressure washers, dust suppression units and plant waterers.

This Bowser Unit provides a quick and easy way to get fresh water to the location of your choice. The tanks have a large diameter ventilated lid at the top of the unit to enable easy filling – emptying is via a 1.5” hose with a ¼ turn tap. Fill the tank from the supply – empty the tank via the pipe into your troughs or wherever it’s needed.

Popular uses include

  • Public and private sector landscape maintenance
  • Rinsing and wash down operations
  • Road verge watering
  • Britain in Bloom
  • Parks, ornamental gardens and recreation, local authority watering
  • Back-up water supply tanker (non- potable only)

Loaded with features

  • Suitable for Highway use
  • 12 Volt Delavan Pump
  • WRAS approved, black tank only, supplied with a Bye-law 30 kit (Bye-law 60 in Scotland)
  • Fitted with 1.5” quarter turn valve
  • Single axle site tow trailer
  • Galvanised chassis
  • 1.5m x 1.5” PVC hose (non- potable only)
  • 50mm tow hitch
  • UK manufactured
  • Complete with 10m Hose and Garden Nozzle as standard

Optional extras

  • The following options are availble for the unit:
  • 10m Hose, 900mm Watering Lance
  • 10m Hose, 1.6m-2.8m Telescopic Watering Lance
  • Please use the drop-down menu to choose hose options you require


  • Overall (L x W x H): 2160 x 1230 x 850mm (with tow hitch down)

✔ Safe with herbicides ✔ Safe with fungicides ✔ Safe with pesticides

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